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Notice for Chinese-Europe Credit Students Scholarships in 2015/2016

Time:2015-03-27      Source:ISCLC      Author:admin

According to the regulation of MOE, Henan University could accept Chinese-Europe Credit students’ scholarship application, the content is in the following.

I. Applicant

1. European Bachelor, postgraduate or PhD students who plan to study at Henan University more than three months to get correspondent credit.

2. The applicants’ university should have Memorandum of Understanding with Henan University in or after 2011.

II. Study duration

From September 1st to August 31st 2016, more than three months.


1、 Free-charge of tuition fee( offered by Chinese government)

2、 Free-charge of dorm fee(offered by Henan University,doule-beds room)

IV. Applying materials

1、 Chinese government scholarship application form(enter website: laihua.csc.edu.cn)

2、 Study statement

3、 Passport copy

V.Deadline: April 25, 2015


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